Daniel Dawson

Daniel is a contributor and social media monitor for this Election 2017 news website.

He is a former news editor at Unreported London and has contributed to a number of publications from failed start ups to The Times.

Daniel enjoys writing and researching business, politics and the environment. In July, he will be going to the UK’s most polluted city in order to investigate what progress has been made on commitments to the Paris Climate Accords one year later. After that, who knows.

When he is not furiously typing, Daniel is an avid reader, hiker and loves to learn something new. Veterinary technician, cook, archaeologist and web designer are among his eclectic work experiences.

You can contact Daniel by email (dmdawson3@aol.com) – yes, you read that correctly; he still uses AOL. Or follow him on twitter @dmdawson91. His portfolio may be found here.