The Election’s winners and losers


Labour gains in Croydon and Battersea

Labour gained once Conservative seats in the London constituencies of Croydon Central and Battersea. In Croydon, Sarah Jones won the seat from the Tories with 52.3 per cent of the vote. In Battersea, Labour’s Marsha Chantol De Cordova took over from the Conservatives’ Jane Ellison.

Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North

Predictably, Corbyn won big in his own constituency with 73 per cent and 40,086 votes. His success mirrored the gains made by the Labour Party throughout the UK as the Election results came in.

Caroline Lucas in Brighton

Lucas held the Green Party seat for Brighton Pavilion with 52.3 per cent of the vote and a 10.4 per cent improvement on her performance in the 2015 General Election. Lucas is the only member of the Green Party to have secured a seat in Parliament.



Theresa May

May’s election gamble did not pay off. While the Conservatives won the most seats overall, they are worse off than before the Election because there is now a hung parliament.

Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam and Alex Salmond in Gordon

Both politicians lost their seats in their respective constituencies. Clegg was narrowly defeated by Labour’s Jared O Mara, while Salmond lost his Gordon seat due to a Scottish Conservative surge.

The SNP and UKIP

Both parties lost significant support over the course of the General Election. The SNP lost seats to Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems, while many of UKIP’s voters chose to side with Labour.

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