Portillo moment part 2: Labour take Enfield and Southgate

The seat made famous by the humiliating defeat of Michael Portillo in the 1997 general election to Labour’s Stephen Twigg on a massive swing, has been won by Labour once again.

Labour’s Bambos Charalambous takes the seat from Conservative Candidate David Burrowes winning 24,989 (51.7%) votes to Burrowes’ 20,634 (42.7%). This means that it’s a full Labour sweep for the London borough of Enfield after Edmonton and Enfield North were both won by Labour.

Back in 1997 Portillo had been widely expected to contest the Conservative leadership and his defeat in the general election was taken by the media took to epitomise the Labour landslide victory. This has given way to what is popularly known as the ‘Portillo moment’ a synonym for an embarrassing defeat.

In the 2015 General Election the Conservative David Burrowes won 49.4% of the vote beating Labour’s Bambos Charalambous by over 5,000 votes. Now those fortunes have been reversed with Labour winning almost 5,0000 more votes than the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrats Pippa Morgan secured 1,925 votes and David Flint for the Green party took 780 votes.

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