Labour wins back Wales

Labour made significant gains in Wales, winning back 3 seats from the Conservatives and securing its highest share of the vote for twenty years.

At the beginning of the campaign, the Conservatives were predicted to have their best ever results in the region. Despite being on course to secure their highest share of the vote since the war, the Conservatives have still ended up losing seats.

Labour won back Gower, which the Tory’s won by 27 votes in 2105, Cardiff North and the Vale of Clwyd. They also held on to Wrexham and Bridgend that had been heavily targeted by the Conservatives.

Plaid Cymru did not manage to capitalise on their 2015 election results in terms of their share of the vote, but they did increase their number of seats by one. Ceredigion became an important seat for the party as it took their number of seats to four, one better than the 2015 election. However, the party achieved its lowest share of the vote since 1997.

The Liberal Democrats lost their only seat, Ceredigion, in Wales to Plaid Cymru by 104 votes.

UKIP’s performance in Wales mirrored their results in the rest of the country, losing a large share of their vote despite success in the 2016 EU Referendum.

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