Labour hold Wrexham despite polls suggesting Conservative win

Labour has held on to Wrexham despite polls indicating the Conservatives would overturn the seat.


Ian Lucas, the Labour candidate, won 17,153 votes — securing a slim majority of 1,832.


The Conservative candidate, Andrew Atkinson, won 15,321 votes, a gain of 12 per cent on 2015, but it was not enough to overtake Labour’s 48.9 per cent share of the vote.


The result is worrying news for the Conservatives in Wales as other seats including, Delyn, Clwyd South, and Alyn and Deeside were also predicted to turn Tory.


Conservatives were expected to win the seat after UKIP decided not to field a candidate. UKIP came third in 2015, winning 5,072 votes. The Conservatives were predicated to pick up the UKIP votes but this does not appear to have materialised.


Plaid Cymru came third with 1,753 votes, losing 2.9 per cent of their share of the 2015 vote.


Turn out was 70 per cent.

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