Labour hold Edinburgh South

Ian Murray has been re-elected MP for Edinburgh South constituency, securing 26,269 votes.

Murray was the favourite in the only Labour seat in Scotland. The constituency attracted the attention of bookmakers during the campaign as a potential three-way marginal with the Tory candidate Stephanie Smith and the SNP Jim Eadie. It was the most gambled on seat, according to Ladbrokes.

No surprises, as the Labour candidate kept his seat, while Eadie and Smith respectively gained 10,755 and 9,428 votes.

Liberal Democrat Alan Beal only won 1,388 votes.

The Edinburgh South constituency has elected Labour MPs since 1987. During the last election in 2015, Murray defeated his SNP opponent Neal Hay winning by over 2,600 votes.

Murray might have secured his seat in 2015, aided by the scandal involving his opponent. Hay was accused of having written offensive social media posts under the pseudonym of Paco McSheepie. The account was later deleted and Hay apologised, but that was not enough to gain the trust of the electorate.

Turn out was  74.1%.

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