Corbyn wins in landslide

If Theresa May’s snap election was a political gamble, then Jeremy Corbyn appears to be tonight’s big winner.

On the night that May was supposed to consolidate her majority, the Labour leader succeeded in gaining 14 seats, at the time of writing.

The BBC predicts that Labour will finish with 216 seats. As of 03.18am they were at 163, according to Sky News.

Additionally, Corbyn retained his beloved Islington North seat. He now enters his thirty-fourth year as MP for the constituency.  

Corbyn won with a landslide majority of 40,086 votes. Conservative candidate, James Clark, was the runner up with 6,871, followed by Keith Angus, of the Liberal Democrats, with 4,946.

In his victory speech Corbyn praised his party’s efforts in the election.

“It is a huge honour to be elected to represent Islington North for the ninth time in Parliament,” he said. “I believe representation is as much about listening as it is speaking.”

He also condemned what he labelled May’s shaky leadership and fiscal austerity.

“This election was called in order for the Prime Minister to gain a large majority in order for her to exercise greater authority,” he said. “The Prime Minister called the election because she wanted a mandate. The mandate she got was lost votes, lost seats, and lost confidence.”

If May is unable to form a majority government then the political door may be opened for Corbyn to form a minority government in Westminster.

Corbyn now appears to be in an undoubtedly stronger position than he previously has enjoyed. Even if the result of the election is a reduced Tory majority or Conservative-led coalition government it will strengthen his hand in shaping the upcoming Brexit negotiation

“In the new parliament we will do everything we can so that this country can be a different and fundamentally better place,” he said.

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