Con gain from Lab in North East Derbyshire

Conservative Lee Rowley has taken the seat from Labour’s Natascha Engel by winning with 24,784 votes, a 12.5% gain since 2015.

Although a traditionally safe Labour seat, the Party’s majority in North East Derbyshire has experienced a progressive decrease in the last four general elections. Natascha Engel, who has been an MP since 2005, won the 2015 election only by 1,883 votes.

This is the first win for the Conservatives in North East Derbyshire since 1931.


The results:

James Bush – UKIP 1,565

Natascha Engel – Labour 21,923

David Kesteven – Green 719

David Lomax -Liberal Democrat 1,390

Lee Rowley- Conservative 24,784

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