Could the 2017 election polls be wrong?

The 2015 exit poll predicted that the Conservatives would win 316 – 10 seats short of an overall majority – but the party ending up winning 330, providing them enough to receive a majority.

It appears that a similar error may occur with the 2017 election.

The results revealed for the first two seats show that the Labour party is performing less well than expected, paralleling errors that occurred in 2015.

Even though Labour increased their hold in both seats, the gains that they received were less than expected: Sunderland was expected a swing of +7% but only received +2%

The error may have occurred due to the polls being calculated on the Brexit referendum ballot, according to The Independent.

The polls continued to be proven wrong throughout the night. The SNP unexpectedly lost a number of seats to the Conservative party, including Angus Robertson who lost his seat in Moray. Similarly, the Conservatives failed to win seats in Wales that they were expected to pick up.

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