Conservatives win first seat

The Conservatives have won their first seat, holding Swindon North with 56.3 per cent of the vote.

MP Justin Tomlinson got 29,431 votes in total with a 3.3 per cent gain on the previous election.

Swindon North was the fifth constituency to announce its results.

Labour’s Mark Dempsey came in second with 38.4 per cent of the vote, 21,096 in total. He was followed by the Lib Dems’ Liz Webster with 3.6 per cent, UKIP’s Steve Halden with 2.8 per cent and the Green Party’s Andy Bentley with 1.6 per cent.

UKIP saw the most significant decrease in voters in the constituency compared to the previous General Election with a loss of 12.5 per cent of voters. Labour, on the other hand saw an increase of 10.7 per cent.



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