Britain’s strange political parties

Every election attracts a variety of strange or alternative parties who attempt to attract the public through bizarre manifestos or odd theatrics.
Below are a few of the weirdest:


The New Millennium Bean Party

Captain Beany, who gave himself the nickname after sitting in a bathtub full of beans for more than 100 hours in 1986, has run for his local seat every election since 2000. The self-titled man even managed to push UKIP into last place when he ran for the Aberavon seat in 2010.

Some of the pledges over the years have included allowing children to choose their parents and legislating that all tattoos have to be bilingual.

His oddness isn’t just due to his political party, though. In 2009, he was awarded Great British Eccentric of the Year by the Eccentric Club in London.


The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

There are numerous weird political parties who can lay claim to being among the strangest in the UK, but few have a long, consistent history of being a bit odd like The Monster Raving Loony Party. A political organisation that was first registered in 1983 by Screaming Lord Sutch and Howling Lord Hope, but had been existence since 1963.

Some of their policies include schools being required to have a jumble sale twice a month in order to raise funds for supplies and an aim to top the double lock pension scheme by offering a padlock.

It is believed that the party has spent £70,000 over the years in paying for the costs in running in these elections.

Although thought at the time to be “loony” seven of the party’s policies were adopt by mainstream parties:

  1. 24-hour pub opening hours
  2. Lowering the voting age to 18
  3. Abolition of dog licences
  4. Legalisation of commercial radio
  5. Pedestrianisation of London’s Carnaby Street
  6. Passports for pets
  7. Abolition of the 11-Plus exam

All are now part of British law. So how loony is the Monster Raving Loony Party?


Free United Kingdom Party

Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) has only run once and contested one area – South Thanet in 2015. The party did this in order to stand against Nigel Farage.

Some of FUKP policies include burning down the Houses of Parliament for insurance money, bricking up the Channel Tunnel and having the UK leave the solar system by 2050.


Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog

However, Free United Kingdom Party were not the only ones to stand in South Thanet against UKIP in 2015. Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog, who has only stood once, had the sole ambition of trying to disrupt UKIP’s chances of gaining a seat.

Members of the party were known for wearing extravagant, gaudy gown-like outfits and were described by VICE News as “heroin loving piss takers”.

Some of their policies included legalising the consumption of dog meat, erecting a 10-foot wall that would run down the middle of Broadstairs High Street in Kent, and tax breaks for lower tax rates for bearded families.

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